That Leaves Me 14 mins, 45 seconds Worth of Fame…

Apparently, when I wasn’t watching, Rick Sanchez read one of my tweets from Twitter on CNN’s live coverage of hurricane Gustav.

I know because even tho I stepped away from the TV – a lot of my Twitterpals told me.

Rick is integrating Twitter, Facebook and MySpace into the live coverage of the storm.  He’s been on Twitter for a little while now, and the social media folks have been impressed by how he is adapting new media into traditional media for live, up-to-date coverage.

Me too.  Now I’m just waiting for a twitterpal to send me a copy of my 15 seconds of “fame.”  Note to self, make sure you are buffering important stuff on the DVR.  Even when nature calls.


~ by Lucretia on September 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “That Leaves Me 14 mins, 45 seconds Worth of Fame…”

  1. WOW! I guess my new worst nightmare is that someone from CNN reads one of my tweets where I blast my husband’s coworkers being toothless, skanky ho’s.

  2. I recorded his show from last night. If you know about what time it was, I can playback and grab you a picture ;)

  3. @Jules It was right about 9pm Moutntain time, so what? an hour or so in?

    @Anissa – unless you included @ricksanchezcnn or Gustav in it… highly unlikely! :)

  4. That’s cool! Hope you actually get to watch it!

    I was wondering if you’ll be giving away a Flip camera – or did you already give one away? I’m working on a post for tomorrow morning called “4 Giveaways” on Freebies 4 Mom.

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