If It’s Thursday… This Must Be…

Okay, this is technically more of an Administrative post than anything else.

At some point, after trying something and finding that it doesn’t work for us, we give up and move on to a different way of doing things.  The question becomes “at what point?” and the answer for me is usually “when the consequences of not changing are more dire than the potential downfalls of giving up.”

Now, a month ago, I got all ambitious.  Having read several “authorities” on blogging, I decided that my lack of consistent writing was due to a lack of structure.  Why I decided this is beyond me… maybe I drank the kool-aid or something. But to be honest, lack of structure wasn’t my problem.  The ability to rationalize procrastinating was my problem.

Anyhow, I boldly asserted that I was going to start posting “by daily topic!”  I don’t recall where that idea came from, but I’m sure it was from a Blogging Guru somewhere who extolled the virtues of having a defined posting structure.  Needless to say, I came up with mnemonic categories… Money $aving Monday! Technology Tuesday… etc, etc.

Soooo… How’s that working for me? Um. Not so hot.

Actually, it’s made me loathe the very concept of blogging.  It’s gone from something I truly enjoy when I’m doing it regularly and right, to something I find every excuse to avoid and then must slog through when I can put it off no more.

Solution? Chuck that silly idea right out the window.

So yes, there are more upcoming changes… one of which is that some previous changes are going to be abandoned.  Like my dreary anti-blogging daily category idea.

But I have found a host that I’m moving this site to.  I’ve set it up. I’m just waiting until the weekend to hose everything up and migrate the site over. Mostly because I can then force GeekDaddy to help me figure out where I went wrong and fix it.  That’s always easier when he’s not at work, ya know.  Also tho, because I expect the traffic to be slower on the weekend.

Another change will be the site format.  Yeah, I know, we’re on look number 3 right now.  But I think I’ve finally found something that makes me happy, so I’ll be doing that about the same time I’m trying to figure out why nothing works on the new servers.

I’m sure you remember me mentioning the Walmart Money Saving Moms thing… Well, that’s going to start being more visible out there as of tomorrow and early next week.  So maybe I’ll even *gasp* get that first video edited and up tomorrow.  Because, you know, if you’re going to migrate a blog, it always helps if you complicate things by adding video into the mix first.

(Are you getting my wry attempt at enthusiasm for the blog move in all of this? Yeah. Woo. Heh.)

So I’m going back to being me.  I’ll post the Eleven Moms videos. I’ll post the Social Media stuff. I’ll post the technical and product reviews.  I’ll even post the kindergarten adventures and the random thoughts. Yes, even some of those dreaded politically-oriented posts… I mean, come on. It’s an American Presidential election year.

But most of all? I’ll go back to what I do best. Life-blogging.  Because in the end, that’s why I blog in the first place, ya know?

See ya tomorrow.  When I’ll be me again.  Before the long-drawn out site migration.

If the new site isn’t here by Monday? Send out the search planes!! Or maybe come see me swearing about it over on Twitter.


~ by Lucretia on September 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “If It’s Thursday… This Must Be…”

  1. Yay! Looking forward to the real you being back *hugs*
    We love the real you anyhow. Much funner to read unscripted life as it goes on.
    Those darn “authorities” on blogging.. *meh*

  2. Yay you for knowing what’s important to you AND to listening to your gut feelings!

    I applaud you! (clap clap clap). And yeah, maybe we should drink to this as well?? :-)

  3. Change can be a good thing, but it can also be something that we dread, not because it’s ‘change’ but because it doesn’t suit our needs or our personality. Glad you are finding what it is that makes you happy with blogging.

    Can’t wait to see the new site!

  4. I was considering themes at one point, but I never actually started. I usually just look at my post categories and ask myself if I’d rather write about something that fits into one of them, or about something new and different to either create a new category for or place in the Misc. section.

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