~ Cast of Characters

GeekMommy – me. A 40-something Mommy to one adorable girl. Happily married. Trying to balance being a geek, an older mom, a wife, and everything else at the same time.

GeekDaddy – the husband. Occasionally known as M, my husband, or something less palatable when I’m tired and cranky. He’s younger than I (still in his 30’s – I robbed the cradle!) but just as big a geek (if not bigger.)

Buttercup – the daughter. Born January 2003, as I start this blog, she’s 4 years old, going to preschool and already smarter than I am. But still smaller and as yet unaware of the fact that I am not omniscient, so I mostly win any battles… we’ll see how long that lasts. She’s my princess and a girly-girl. But she’s had her own computer since before she could walk, and she’s already got the keyboard and the mouse down cold. She’ll be the geekiest girl in pink at Prom, that’s for sure.

Ms. M – one of Buttercup’s two current preschool teachers. The older one, she reminds me of my Aunt.

Ms. L – the other preschool teacher, young, pretty and redhead. She’s 2nd in command.

Trixie – Buttercup’s best friend. 2 months older – they’ve known each other since they were in the same 6-9 month old Mommy-and-me class. They’ve gone to the same schools for the past 4 years. The past 3 in the same class.

Uncle J – GeekMommy’s older brother by 2 yrs.

This will be updated as necessary! :)


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  1. […] has a best friend – let’s  call her Trixie (and I just put her in the Cast of Characters – because she’ll definitely come up again!) – who goes to preschool with her.  When they […]

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