Wednesday Weight-Loss… Wait, What?

I’m starting to rethink this subject a bit.  At the moment, I’m weighing in on Mondays for the Tweightloss Challenge and from everything I’ve heard, it’s better to not get obsessive about the scale.

Which is good – because between normal “monthly female water retention” and the stress of getting ready for Kindergarten and a dozen and one other little things – yeah, I was up a pound at this week’s weigh in.


Ah well.  At least I know I’m eating healthier!! Next week, GeekDaddy and I intend to do the South Beach Induction phase.  We’ve done it before and it’s always been a great way to jump-start weight loss (plus, it gets you away from processed foods!)

But we’re only planning on doing the induction part for 7 days.  This is because I suck at doing that part any longer than that and inevitably end up not just falling off the induction plan, but diving head-first into indulgence-after-absence.

So we’ll do 7 days of Induction, followed by the sensible eating we’ve been doing.  Smaller portions, healthier food. You know the drill.

I’ll keep this up for a bit I guess – but I reserve the right to turn it into “Wednesday Whatever” should it prove to be more of a nuisance than an inspiration! :)


~ by Lucretia on August 27, 2008.

9 Responses to “Wednesday Weight-Loss… Wait, What?”

  1. Yay you for even trying! Weight loss is so hard and you need to do what works for you. For me, I got on the scale one day, was beyond disgusted and the next time I stepped on a scale was 8 months later to see an 86# loss.

    Keep up the good work and CAN’T WAIT to meet you tomorrow night :)

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  4. Rock on my Tweightloss sister. Small changes that last. Now, if I could just find a resource for diet peanut m&ms.

  5. Hi, Good to know that you believe in dieting system. Yes!! a simple diet and simple drill can make many changes in your body. Hope you follow the same and enjoy your days. Good Day!!

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  7. wow…im impressed! i like the daily themes! now…i need a subscribe by email option…i suck at checking my pageflakes reader…

  8. oh! i was planning on doing the sb induction for 2 weeks coming soon as well. mostly because i’m bigger than I was/want to be. dammit. it worked for me once, it’ll work again! I WILL be smaller again. I swear. Now if only i could get my shoulders to fucking come down to a normal place. (sigh)

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