Money $aving Monday… Has Been Postponed This Week

I’m sorry.

I’m having some real-life-getting-in-the-way-of-very-important-blogging issues! :)

Seriously, my Buttercup starts Kindergarten this week, the DNC is in town, I’m a couple days behind on everything except excuses!  So I’m moving “Money $aving Monday” this week to give myself a little breathing room.

Look forward to the transformation of Freeform Friday into Frugal Friday which will hopefully include some video footage!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see who won the Flip Ultra Video Camera giveaway!


~ by Lucretia on August 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “Money $aving Monday… Has Been Postponed This Week”

  1. Sorry you are having a crazy week! The start of kindergarten certainly can make things especially crazy. I still remember my oldest starting it last year, oh it was so difficult! Next week is grade one though and that seems a little easier!

  2. @Laurie – Thanks!! GeekDaddy just took her off to the last playdate before school starts – okay, he’s also helping out her best friend’s parents who have an appointment – but it’s giving me a few minutes to get caught up. Now I’m only a few hours behind! ;)

    1st grade. Wow. Doesn’t it just seem like yesterday they were born?

  3. take as much time as you need. blogging can wait, whats important is you.

    i hope i wi the camera,i’m on knees begging

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