Thoughtful Thursday – Frequency & Dilution

When I started this blog, I posted rather haphazardly to it.  Whenever I really felt motivated to post, I would.  Then I’d Twitter the link, some folks would come and read it, a few would comment and I’d reply and we’d move on again until the next time.

Recently, I decided to take a risk with it though.

You see, this isn’t my first time around the dance floor.  I’ve been blogging for 8+ years now under various names in various places.  With one exception, I found that the more frequently I blogged, the more sparse the comments and readers became.

I know my own reading habits are such that there isn’t a ‘daily blog’ that I read.  No, I’ve never gotten addicted to Dooce or Techcrunch or anything else everyone I know says is “the first thing they read every day upon logging on.”  I’m just not that kind of gal.  The only people in real life I can be around every day are my husband and my daughter – so it’s not terribly surprising that I feel the same way about blogs.  Heck, even when I got the newspaper delivered I didn’t read it daily.  I’m just too random for that.

So it doesn’t exactly surprise me that the kind of readers I attract when I write aren’t that sort either.  You’re more likely the sort who clicked on a link I posted on Twitter, or who occasionally stops by because it’s on your blogroll and you’re bored or you’ve found me on a search engine somewhere.  The thought that I might spout blogging gems daily is just as amusing to me as it is to you.

So when I opted for shifting this blog to ‘daily posting’ under certain topics, I knew I was doing so at the expense of good commentary.  I mean, few folks feel the need to write a letter-to-the-editor of their local newspaper every day about an article they read – why would we think blog readers were going to comment every day?  Usually, I suspect the folks who do “read this one site every day first thing” and comment on it are probably a bit more obsessed with the blogger than the blog.

Honestly, not everything that comes out of an a-list blog site is that fascinating.  A higher percentage than most? Sure.  But if someone is commenting every day on every post – I’d wager money on the fact that the attraction is getting noticed by the poster him/herself, not because every blog spurs a discussion.

Recently, I posted a couple of times in my new format only to have 0 comments.

At first, I got paranoid!! ‘Oh my gosh – this isn’t going to work!! You don’t like the new format! It’s not interesting or engaging enough to read!’

Then I went and checked the site stats… and yep, sure enough, some of you are still reading.

‘Oh duh…’ went the voice in my head, ‘you knew this was going to happen. You’d just gotten used to having someone respond every time you posted here. Now get back to reality and don’t abandon ship just yet.  When someone posts that you’ve gotten boring, or your subscriptions start going the other direction along with your site traffic, then you can panic.’

It’s just that I’d forgotten the law of numbers.

You see, I read monthly magazines cover-to-cover most times… because I have time in which to do it and because the infrequency of their publication tends to mean higher quality of content.  Sometimes I’ll read weekly print publications cover-to-cover, but usually it’s when I don’t subscribe but have bought one on a newstand.  But daily delivered data? Yeah, it’s seldom ALL worthy of note.  So if you’re reading this in your Google Reader or whatever RSS feed you use, I’m not going to be surprised when you skip over or delete a large number of my daily posts unless the title interests you.

But hopefully once in awhile I’ll manage to post something that spurs discussion again.  Because I’d forgotten what it’s like to keep wondering why no one is commenting on an entry.  I guess if I’m going to step up the frequency, I’d better both up the level of content AND lower my expectations!

But do me a favor? If it does get surpassingly boring – before you delete me from your ‘to read’ list? Take 2 minutes to comment and let me know. Even if it’s only to say ‘dude – you suck and you were more interesting when you talked less.’



~ by Lucretia on August 21, 2008.

15 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday – Frequency & Dilution”

  1. I am fairly new to your blog and so far am enjoying it very much. If I ever find you boring I will let you know.

  2. […] bookmarks tagged fascinating Thoughtful Thursday – Frequency & Dilution saved by 3 others     misterm1ke bookmarked on 08/21/08 | […]

  3. I’m a reader with a reader – so I don’t visit in person so often – and that makes me a lousy commenter, but not a lousy subscriber. I hope I tell you enough on twitter that I like what you’re doing. In case not, I’ll say it now. You like what you’re doing so for my money you should keep it up chickie!

  4. No you are not boring, but true to form, I comment when the subject is something I feel I have something to add rather than the random ‘comment for comments sake.’ I subscribe in reader so I can keep up with people I like to read…you never know what you will run across. Hang in there, we read, we may be quiet but we are still reading!

  5. I like reading your babble *grins* I love the way you write though, it’s easy and usually very entertaining!!

  6. Now that I know you’ll be posting more often, I’ll be visiting more often. Better yet, I should just add your feed to my netvices page. Thanks!

  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that those who comment obsessively are usually more interested in themselves than the conversation. Keep the good stuff coming, I’ll be reading…and probably commenting sporadically!

  8. I just found your blog and am enjoying it! I too wonder about posting frequency–I just started a blog about 4 months ago and am really loving it, but I would like to hit upon a posting stride that suits both me and my audience (all thirty of them). The conventional wisdom is that posting more leads to more traffic–I don’t know.

    Anyway, I love your voice and the mockos sound good too!

  9. Good point. I have just in the past 4 months become a “serious blogger”, after 8 years of mamby-pamby myself. All of the “tips” I read say to post every day so that you start having people come back and read EVERY DAY. But it IS discouraging to spend time on something and then get no immediate response.
    This post is inspiring me to rise to NEW LEVELS OF MEDIOCRITY!!!

  10. Dude, you’ve got plenty of interesting things to say. Keep talkin’! ;-)

  11. You are awesome and unboring. I suck and read but don’t leave comments. But still? I’m here.

  12. Hi there. I’m fairly new to Twitter and your comments are some of the most enjoyable. And now I’m a new visitor to your blog – another very enjoyable read! Have a wonderful evening. ~Ro

  13. You don’t read me every day? I’m crushed. ;oD

    I really like your new format, and check in when I can. Definitely not remotely every day. But, still love you. Just remember, even when you are Alltop, people still don’t comment. Lately, the flow of comments has slowed to a trickle on my blog, and I think part of it is that I am just about 10 years too old to be in the “in crowd.” Eh, so what? As for you? You’re verbose, and I like that in a girl.


  14. You know I am your best stalker, even when some of the stuff you write about is BEYOND me..

  15. @Chris – thank you – feedback like that DOES help immensely! :)
    @Susan – that you read anything of mine makes me giddy beyond words! :)
    @Kel – hey, I happen to think the world of your insights when you share them, but I appreciate that ‘nothing to say’ part too :)
    @Suzanne – I know I’m wordy, but believe me, I cut out a lot of the uberStrange stuff between brain and keyboard! ;) Thanks again.
    @MizLiz – well, it may just be more frequent babble – but thank you for coming along for the ride! :)
    @Bob – hey! Great to see you here! And yeah, I think the blog crush is easy to spot it’s one of those “um, seriously? you commented on the ‘I’m off to the dentist!’ post?” ;)
    @Becky – apparently, more frequent posting does usually translate to more traffic, as long as it’s interesting! But it seems to reduce comments. Even a-listers get fewer comments when they post frequently. Guess not everything blogged is worth replying to! :)
    @CanCan – well, we can be prolific mediocre bloggers together! ;) Seriously, I’m just glad when I know that it touched a cord with one person – I don’t expect anyone to read every day!
    @Mousewords – thanks hon. I really appreciate the encouragement! Especially after you listen to my babble on Twitter regularly enough! :)
    @Jenny – dude. You commented on my blog. I’m SO going to get you drunk and fangirl all over you next time I see you again! You rock!!
    @Ro – thank you! I’m so glad you came over here! Please chime in whenever you feel like it!:)
    @Tina – hon, I don’t even read myself every day! But I’ve never read anything by you that didn’t make me either nod in agreement or think!! You are my posse and I am yours and anytime you want to sit all night in a hotel lobby? I am there!!!
    @Sorrow – you have been and are my sister… for 24 years now. I adore you, I always will – no matter how infrequently we actually touch base, you ARE home base. Love you.

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