Technology Tuesday – The Contest

Sorry to get this one up so late – I know it’s already Wednesday on the East Coast and my friends in Singapore are coming up on their lunch hours… But hey, trust me. This one is worth the wait!

I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to play with the Flip Ultra video camera in order to write the review I want to write, so I figured that will have to wait until either Friday or next Tuesday.  But I’m not going to keep you guys in further suspense as to the nature of the contest for the Flip Ultra that the nice folks at Pure Digital (in conjunction with the WalMart 11 Money Saving Moms project) sent me to give to one lucky reader of this blog! (Mostly because I’m sure a few of you would come after me if I put it off again!)

So.  Here it is then.  I was trying to figure out what made for a good contest.

If I just say “comment and I’ll randomly draw a number” then the guy who drops by here one time for 10 seconds stands as much chance of winning as those of you who have been hanging in there with me. Plus, I’d like this to be something fun for all of us.

So I’m about to start trying to post my vlogs here with my own Flip camera and it wouldn’t hurt to learn a bit more about what you guys like in that regard.

So here’s what you have to do to win – Leave a comment here.  In the comment you need to put 2 links:

1) a link to an example of what you consider a GOOD vlog.  Something you’d actually watch.  Don’t just go to Google and put in ‘vlog’ and post the first thing you find – because I might just get clever and ask you a question like what the last line in the vlog was! ;)

2) a link to someplace you’ve reposted the link for this contest – it can be your blog, it can be Twittered, or Plurked, or posted on Friend Feed or your favorite social network. Just post a link to where you’ve posted it so I can follow it back and verify (this means it has to be a public post!)

This should give me a good sample of vlogs you think are worth watching.  And if you’re entering to get the Flip to start your own vlogging? it might help you figure out where to start too!

The contest ends Monday, August 25th at 11:59pm Mountain Time (my time zone) and I will then use to generate a number that will correspond with the commentor who wins.  (Comments without the two required links will be excluded from the numbering.)

I will announce the winner in the next Technology Tuesday post.

And just to whet your appetite? Here’s a picture of the one I opened – you’ll be receiving your own unopened box identical in nature! Yep, it’s a nice, sexy black Flip Ultra!  Good Luck!

Still in the Box

Still in the Box

ETA: sorry about that – default comment moderated anything w/ 2 links or more! oops! Fixed it! :)


~ by Lucretia on August 19, 2008.

61 Responses to “Technology Tuesday – The Contest”

  1. Ok! Here we go. I would love to win this. It would give me the ability to start vlogging which I have been thinking about doing for a long time.

    One of my favorite vlogs? It’s none other than Penn Jillette’s — — I watch this constantly as this guy fascinates and entertains me to no end.

    And the retweet:

  2. Nice contest.

    My favorite – hands-down, has to be Brad Fallon’s:

    Post Link:

    Perfect timing…looking at several efficient options to ramp our vlogging efforts at work…I’ll be sure to give all the kudos to you when I post the videos made from the flip…


  3. 1. I love Zadi Diaz and have since I found her a while ago. She edits well, is interesting, and is socially responsible (which makes me just LIKE her so much). She does “Epic Fu”. Well done stuff. I mean it. She is here:

    2. Twittered It!

    This would be TOO good to be true since I just whored myself out and sent those folks an email. (


  5. Lucretia, count me in! YEAH!!

  6. Oh there is NO WAY I could pass this up. I am driven to win a Flip because I really want to start vlogging. Mostly because everyone that’s vlogging seems to be pretty and thin and I want to break the mold, baby! (Not calling YOU baby, it was an in general baby. NO disrespect meant LOL)

    Here is my public retweet of your contest:

    Examples of a good vlog focused on the vlogger:

    Example of a good vlog focused on a website:

    My husband does some video editing and he thinks lighting is the most important thing. Have good light, don’t overdo the makeup (if you wear any at all) and remember to smile. You can always edit. Not editing does not make you ac cooler or more authentic blogger – people only want to see you sneeze if it’s really funny :)

    Hope that helps. I’m really excited to be part of this contest. Thanks!

  7. 1. Well, I’ll be a selfish bastard and give you one of mine that got some raves.

    2. I put it on Twitter! :)

  8. Ok, here is my Twitter. I will go find a vlog. Have I mentioned how pretty you look this evening?

  9. Hey How are ya!

    I like this one he has also some tips video with Steve Garfield on how to become a good video blogger! Good Luck!

  10. my favorite vlog:
    and i’ve joined the fan group on facebook and her video is one of my favorites.

  11. OMG I don’t have to go looking I watch Ross Matthews “talky” blogs all the time, that’s the same as a vlog right?

    And he uses a FLIP!

  12. I love, love, love Michael Buckley – What the Buck? is great, but I like his less “formal” vlogs, like this one:

    He does cute lists and silly stuff, but he’s great, and he encourages people to create their own responses – and his topics easily lend themselves to response.

    And here’s where I reposted the contest:

  13. THIS is the BEST Vlog I know of. I was addicted and saddened when he left. He didn’t sell anything, but he really knows about personal branding, marketing and getting people motivated. You could do a ton worse than Ze.
    Here is where I twittered:

    I will keep doing so to give you more buzz.

    Gooo you!


  14. amanduh111112 on YouTube is an example of a fun vlogger. She is a natural in front of the camera. She posted a video review of the book CHILD 44 earlier in the summer which is how I first found her vlog:

    Tweet re: Contest @
    Springbaby31 Up too late but my reward is find’g @GeekMommy’s Tech Tues Contest less than 5 seconds ago from web

  15. Ok Lucretia great idea. While there are a ton of vlog’s out there some I think are really cool are the following and why. First is by ijustine. She’s witty, cute and gets access to some really cool people. She also has a huge following. It’s like living with her. I think she’s hard wired to twitter and now she has a quirky counter part. Another is Steven Curtis Chapman. He’s consistent. Even when his little girl was run over by a car he was able to share. He really makes an effort to include you. Just check out his vlog post while flying on ann airplane to LA it’s also simple and clean. Plus he really makes you feel like your part of the audience. Now to prove the repost you can see it here @tvgceo: OK looks like Geek Mommy is at it again. It’s about V-Logs and in 20 minutes you’ll see it here

  16. I can see I’m going to be watching a lot of great vlogs!!
    Don’t forget to link where you posted the contest too – I see some folks forgetting to do that (come back post that link and I’ll combine your 2 comments into for the drawing)

  17. I know of so many different Vlogs, it’s hard to choose one. I do some Vlogging, but the one I watch more than any other is The Tech Buzz. You can see his video on ustream, or on YouTube.

    I thought this was a great idea, so I posted a blurb up on my website.

  18. Bwana just has awesome presence with the camera

  19. I retweeted your post on Twitter just now – of course, I told them not to enter so I can win! I’ve been Googling these every day trying to convince myself I MUST have one. :)


  20. My favorite VLOG, at least I consider it as such, are the reviews by ( I’ve purchased many products after watching them and avoided products as well. They’re short, sweet, and to the point.

    Oh the things I could do with these…even legal ones! :) Giggle, JK!


  21. Ok. Like everyone else, I’d love to get my hands on one of these at no cost because it would be a great way to kick up the vlogging. I’m thinking a vlogofdoomonatapeinaroom would be the Mantis way to roll.

    1- A vlog I love? It’s Penn Says which is done by Penn Jillette. Okay, I know. It’s done by a “celeb” but this guy fascinates and entertains me to no end. I loved his daily radio show (which was also freely downloadable every day) and love the Showtime gig. It’s here:

    2- And I provided a retweet here:

    Alright, Lucretia. Make me an integer. The winning one, or at least one of doom. We gotta eat some flame-engulfed meat soon.


  22. is where you will see the post
    my favorite Vlog right now…

    He is creative.. innovative… i love it!

  23. 1. I think this girl (communitychannel) is hilarious! Check this out: My hubs found her out and her vlog’s are funny :)

    2. Twittered here: (ID: bunnyb)


  24. My favorite vlog to date is from Phillip DeFranco at

    He’s hilarious and has a wonderful way of pointing out the obvious, but still making a point you can learn from.

    I Twittered this via and you can find the post at

  25. I link the GeekBrief Tv vlog:

    I signal this on my Tumblelog:


  26. My favorite vlog is, with the lovely Cali Lewis and her husband Neal. “Shiny happy tech news” indeed!

    And here’s the tweet:


  27. I really like National Geographic’s “Wild Chronicles Digital Shorts” at It’s posted every Friday and includes “Mysteries of Lost Civilizations, the World’s Most Unusual Foods, Extreme Healing, the World’s Toughest Jobs, and more.”

    commandN is also a favorite, anchored by Amber MacArthur. It’s at

    I shared this post on Google Reader:

  28. Alright. This won’t be as verbose as the last two times I tried to post this. =\

    A favorite vlog of mine is Penn Says: – done by Penn Jillette, who has always embraced the internet to communicate. I just find this guy both fascinating and entertaining.

    Here’s the re-tweet:

  29. Hi – great contest post. I love it!

    Without a doubt, my favorite vlog is from my son. He loves exploring his creative side and posting his videos. He’s been using an old video camera to shoot, edit and upload everything. They love to try new tools, try different effects & make stop motion vids.

    Here’s some of their clips:

    Here’s the repost:

    It would be so cool to help them make some new videos with that Flip camera…Thanks!


  30. Here’s my re-tweet of the contest too:

  31. I still cry into my Ze Frank coffee mug each mourn [sic] for the loss of The Show with Ze Frank. The League of Awesomeness lives on in each of us.

    Here’s my tweet about the giveaway:

  32. I want a Flip more than I want tiramisu, and that’s a lot. I met Heather of Flip and I ( at Blogher08, and she was awesome. She sold me on how having Flip with her changed the way she saw things, and gave her a very simple, rich way to document her life and culture. She demystified vlogging for me, which is very exciting.


  33. I like Gary Vaynerchuk and his Wine Library TV: mostly because his energy is just amazing. Also: Wine! (:

    And it went on Twitter here:

  34. Well, I like this one, but I don’t watch very many.

    And I linked you on twitter:

  35. I posted a notice about it in my Friend Feed right cheer:

    The Vlog I want to share is one I discovered last year. Molly Stanberry’s Women of Warcraft, have her in my netvibes and enjoy her advice and different take on WoW. Her link is here:

  36. I wish I could even have a 1 in 20 chance of winning but seeing as I have no idea of what vlogging is (never heard of it until jsut now) I dont’ think it’s worth running out and finding one to post here just for a chance to win. Though it does look cool! Perhaps if I win this cool contest (will you make an exception?) MY vlog would be the coolest ever. Never know if you don’t award me the prize!

  37. I would really like to win this. I am new to vlogging but like it I found my twitter friends new vlog they are so funny I think they will make a go of this vlog. I posted it on Fcebook and also friendfeed I really hope my number comes up:)

  38. Alright. Let’s give this another shot.

    Well- like everyone else, I’d love to win the camera because it would be an easy/budget-free way of starting up a vlog. That could be handy for my site, should it ever launch.

    As far as vlogs I love? I’ll mention one that nobody else has (Go Ze Frank!) and say that one of my absolute favorites is Penn Says at – I’m a big fan of this guy in general and it’s awesome that he does the vlog. Especially after Penn Radio went off the air (which was also freely available).

    My tweet about it was.. oh gee… five attempts or so ago. It’s here-


  39. Just heard about this contest. Great!

    1. I like Spill Dot Com. It is funny and passionate about movies.

    2. Gave it a Tweet too.

  40. Whoops! Something wrong with the previous post. Reposting. Sorry.

    Just heard about this contest. Great!

    1. I like Spill Dot Com. It is funny and passionate about movies.

    2. Gave it a Tweet too.

  41. Alright. Let’s give this another shot.

    Well- like everyone else, I’d love to win the camera because it would
    be an easy/budget-free way of starting up a vlog. That could be handy
    for my site, should it ever launch.

    As far as vlogs I love? I’ll mention one that nobody else has (Go Ze
    Frank!) and say that one of my absolute favorites is Penn Says at – I’m a big fan of this guy in
    general and it’s awesome that he does the vlog. Especially after Penn
    Radio went off the air (which was also freely available).

    My tweet about it was.. oh gee… five attempts or so ago. It’s here-


  42. I’ve only seen one video blog that I’ve considered good. they come in many styles, self-important blowhard, hottie that loves the word “um” – but since people can read faster than they can listen it really takes something special to make me want to see (and even more hear) someone go on about their thoughts on any given matter. Another big plus of written blogs is I can skim ahead a whole lot easier.

    You might ask why I’m entering if I think video blogs suck so bad? I’d love a web cam to chat with my sister back in the states. :)

  43. I too am starting to Vlog and do product reviews. I go to a lot and there are a lot videos on there that you can look at and see what you like. I enjoy the, It’s a fast and easy comment on how to save money with added words, pictures and a lot of editing that makes them look at more professional and user friendly.

    Good luck! Oh, and I hope I win this :)

  44. This is one of the blogs/vlogs I like
    and here is my tweet

  45. Here is my twitter link where I posted your contest! Sorry about that!

  46. I hate vlogs where all there is is talking heads. Most of them are that way even if they are humorous and good content they are not really USING the medium. They might as well be plain old podcasts or even text. If you are gonna use the visual mode be visual for fucks sake. I guess my fave vid is anything by leelefever. they really leverage the media and it doesn’t cost them much I’m sure. Not sure it’s even a bonafide a vlog but this is what I like and the style I would vlog if I won.

    and as for retweeting here ya go

  47. […] if I won this contest I would totally have to try out vlogging!  It’s over at GeekMommy where if you can tell her about a good vlog and you share about her contest (as I’m doing […]

  48. This is a good vlog:

    This is an entry from my blog where I link to this contest:

    It would be the most awesome thing ever to be able to post videos of my travels on my blog. AWE-SOME-NESSSSS!!!!

  49. Here’s my tweet:

    And here’s a travelvlog that I like. Especially the “Travels in Tibet” archives. I would SO love to go there. For now, I travel vicariously via vlog.

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  50. good vlog:


    I’d love to catch Jasper’s first steps! Soon!!!

  51. i like the vlogs at
    blogged ya

    i would love to start vlogging, and i really want this to keep n touch with family. my mother has nver met two o my children and i would love to send her videos.(we live so far apart)
    bwalleshauser at yahoo dot com

  52. Do musicians who both on youtube count? If so, I regularly check Olivia Thai’s page for new videos.

  53. […] Meanwhile, don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see who won the Flip Ultra Video Camera giveaway! […]

  54. it might be too late. but my favorite vlog is Buck Hollywood’s What the Buck ..

  55. OKAY!!!!


    Technically, by my clock, it’s just 12:12… so this is the gate swinging shut! :)

    I’ll announce the winner tomorrow. Thanks everyone for the wealth of great Vlogs to check out. Good Luck to everyone who entered!

  56. I realize this giveaway is closed, but I have a question about your Flip rep. Could you please e-mail me at I would really appreciate it. I tried to dm you on Twitter, but since you don’t follow me, I couldn’t. Which is fine, but that’s why I resorted to this comment. ;)

    Melanie Nelson/chilihead

  57. Interesting…Bookmarked, thanks for the nice site!

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