Changes on the Horizon…

Over the next week or two if you come here – expect to see some changes and construction going on.  Due to some unexpected events, I’ve decided it’s time I quit distributing myself in several places on the web under differing identities and putting my time & energy into multiple blogs when this is really the one I want to build into my home.

In other words, I’m selling the vacation homes & town houses and putting all my efforts, time & money into making this my dream home, if you will.

Things you’ll be seeing in the near future should include:

  • Moving this site to a hosted server and off of the WordPress servers
  • Minor site redesigns to make it more readable/navigable (pictures are good too!)
  • More frequent & regular posting (yay!) and structure (did I mention pictures?)
  • Video Blogs (or vlogs) in conjunction with an upcoming project I’m going to announce in a later post
  • More transparency – yes, I’ll probably still refer to people including my family by pseudonyms to respect their own right to privacy – but there will be more of me here – name, pictures, information.  About what you’d expect from someone who wants to really interact with you!

What’s new structure-wise

As of next week at the latest (later this week if I’m on my toes!) you can expect me to start posting daily on particular topics.  That is to say, there will be at least one-post on each designated day inline with that day’s topic.

Here’s the line-up as it stands now

  • Money-wise Mondays – posts about money matters, including how to save a few $ in this increasingly bad economy, when every penny counts!
  • Technology Tuesdays – posts about tech/geek things that catch my fancy.  Could be hardware, could be software, could be Internet or social-media platforms. You know me… geek talk!
  • Weight Loss Wednesdays – these will hopefully be shorter than most the others, but to the point and with information.  I’m on a weight loss journey and I want to lose 50 lbs by my birthday next year (July 26, 2009) at the latest.  After that, it’s my intention to convert this to Wellness Wednesdays, but one step at a time!
  • Thoughtful Thursdays – let’s face it, sometimes you just need to blog about stuff that is on your mind. I suspect that in the upcoming months there will be political posts in this category as we reach the November U.S. presidential elections – but it could be anything from education, to pop-culture, to social dynamics.
  • Freeform Fridays – Exactly what it sounds like – might even mean I choose not to post – or post links, things that could’ve been on a different day, whatever. You can’t be bohemian without some built in spontaneity!

Don’t worry – the Mommy posts will still be there too… they’ll just be the frosting on the cake, as it were.

Oh – and did I mention there would be contests? Yeah, there will be contests & giveaways.  Something I’ve kind of avoided doing until now.  I just took a poll amongst some close internet friends and found out that people like having the chance to get free cool stuff (go figure!) from sites they like… so who am I to argue?

I’ll also be setting up a product review page as I got some serious feedback on that last one I did for the Brownies & the Wrinkle Releaser and it seems that those are also welcome.  In the past, I haven’t reviewed anything submitted to me or pitched, but the more I think about that, the more it seems like I’m refusing to acknowledge good products (or warn about bad ones) simply because I didn’t stumble on it all on my own.  Setting the hubris aside, I’m changing that policy.  But I PROMISE you that I will always disclose if something I’m reviewing has been sent to me or pitched to me at the time I review it – and that my reviews won’t be colored by that, but as candid and honest as I’ve always been.

So – are you ready? I’m not entirely sure I am! But if you’re willing to come along, I’m willing to give it a go.

Oh, and just a note? I know that not all of those topics will be interesting to all of my readers.  I’ve been a “life blogger” for a long time now and realize that not everyone is interested in every topic.  So I’ll keep up on the tags and titling on the topical posts so you can customize your own reading experience.

If there’s something you think I’ve missed or just want to put in your two cents, any feedback would be appreciated.  If not? Well, I’ll see you on the next post – which is even bigger news, if possible! The times they are a’changin’!!

~ Lucretia (aka GeekMommy)


~ by Lucretia on August 4, 2008.

10 Responses to “Changes on the Horizon…”

  1. Congrats on the big exciting changes! Good luck with the transition!

  2. cool beans! just started reading your blog, but the changes so exciting!

  3. @Jessica – thanks! I’m very excited about everything that’s changing. For me, it’s all about making this year in my life (42! the answer to life, the universe, and everything!) as exciting, rewarding, fulfilling and challenging as it can be. I’m really looking forward to it!

    @rjax – good timing! Hopefully you’ll find yourself thinking “wow! glad I started reading when I did!” :)

  4. Looking forward to seeing all! Love the alliteration day-of-week/topic combo! :)


  5. Outstanding! Sounds like fun, I will be looking forward to it.


  6. @Carol – thank you! the alliteration kind of helps me to remember stick to the topic :)

    @yoshi_martix – thanks! Hope it ends up being as much fun for you guys as it is for me – or more! If not, feedback is key to getting me to step it up a notch :)

  7. I already like your new design! I sounds like you have a great plan and focus. I can’t wait to see more.

  8. Hi GeekMommy! I’ve been following your tweets, and look forward to your new format. I’m on my 42 year old weight loss journey too, so I’ll look forward to reading your Wednesday posts.

  9. Hey L! Sounds like a great plan! You’ll have to hook me up w/ your giveway peoples, cause I need to get in on that.

    I am so thrilled for you, that things are happening. You rock.

    <3 puffy hearts, and crap,


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