Day 1 In the Bubble… BlogHer 2008

The whole day I’ve been “thinking out blog posts” – but it seems somehow like if I took the time to slow down and post them, I’d miss what I was here to experience.

So here I am, at nearly 1 a.m. local time trying to pound out a blog post before I surrender to sleep, having passed up the opportunity to get food with @sendchocolate & @califmom (which I really needed – haven’t had much in the way of sustenance today despite many catered events.)

Perhaps if I’d actually slept last night, things would be different.  But I went to sleep nearly 24 hrs ago, intending to get 4 hours before packing – only to find myself popping awake 2 hours later and incapable of sleeping again due to excitement (tinged with a touch of panic about forgetting something important – I forgot my iPod & my sunscreen.)

The alarm rang at 6 a.m. and my darling GeekDaddy offered to reset it for “another 10 minutes of sleep” which I passed on.  Why lie in bed awake longer?

Several hours later, having had a lovely breakfast of Cherry Butter Braid & coffee made by my wonderful husband – we loaded my suitcase and laptop bag in the car, put Buttercup in, dropped her off at Theater Camp and headed for the airport.

I should’ve had another cup of coffee.

While the check-in at curbside went smoothly thanks to GeekDaddy’s steady presence, when I got to the TSA screening, I was so absorbed in remembering to take my laptop out of the bag and put my shoes in the nifty bins that I kind of forgot something.  So I walked thru the trusty watch-and-keys-detection gate to have the TSA agent say “whose bag is this?!”

Looking around at the lack of any other possible culprit, I said “mine, I guess?”

“And did you have any liquids?” she asked archlly “um, oh crap, yes…” I replied, realizing that they were still in the front pocket of the laptop bag. “Uh huh, and they would be where?” she asked.  “In the front pocket in a quart-sized ziploc that I totally forgot to take out?” I said.  “That’s correct,” she said, displaying them for me before saying “have a nice day” and shooing me along.  How could I help but say “you’d think I hadn’t done this before, eh?”

The flight was long and hot – there were three (not 1, but 3!) infants under 3 weeks old within 3 rows each of me.  They were not happy. They shared their unhappiness with us, and with each other.  Somewhat like a round of row-row-row your boat – only with less words and more hysterical crying.

I won’t even go into the state of the San Jose airport.

I should keep typing and tell you all about the cool car (a black PT cruiser) and the drive up.  And the hotel. And the shuttle ride to the Kirtsy/Alltop party at Guy Kawasaki’s house.  And the party itself.  And the rest of the night… But it’s going to have to wait until tomorrow if I can remember it that long.  Because my back is killing me and my bed looks comfy.

I’ll finish that up tomorrow. I’m sure you understand.  After all… *yawn* Tomorrow is Another Day!


~ by Lucretia on July 18, 2008.

4 Responses to “Day 1 In the Bubble… BlogHer 2008”

  1. Busy, busy! Get some sleep. :)

  2. At least you’re thinking in Blog Posts, I’m not thinking at all.

  3. It was SO hard to get that BlogHer08 post out!

    Rest up. And send me any leftover chocolate, K?

  4. URGH…flying with screaming babies is the worst…

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