Old MacDonald Had a Farm… Or Was It a Zoo?

It’s Friday.

It’s also the first day of ‘Summer Break’ for Buttercup – or from my perspective, the first day of ‘you get no break until camp starts.’

We played. We went to McDonald’s. We went to Target. We played. She’s said “Mommy…” about 3 gazillion times at intervals no greater than 3 minutes at a time. Even when she was out playing in the backyard, she’d come back and open the door to tell me her random thoughts every 2 minutes.

Did I mention that thanks to Mother Nature it’s also the first day of that monthly curse of mine, Extreme-Bitchitude-Brought-On-By-PMS? (If I didn’t, well, you would’ve figured it out quickly enough if you had to spend more than 5 minutes in my presence.)

So it has been um… challenging – that’s a good word – yeah, it has been challenging today.

GeekDaddy came home at long last and relieved me of child duty. This would normally mean I sighed, relaxed, and took just enough time to turn normal again before her bedtime. Instead, due to the E.B.B.O.B.PMS, it meant I could be bitchy by myself in the corner for a few minutes while he fielded the new slew of “Daddy… Daddy… Daddy…” utterings.

But just now, one of those moments happened that made me laugh so hard that I almost snorted, despite my foul little, black mood. It’s probably not funny to anyone outside of me and GeekDaddy, but I’m sharing it because if you have kids, you’ve had these moments yourself with yours – and it’s the WTF? moment that lightens you up despite yourself.

GeekDaddy: “say Buttercup, what vegetables would be good with dinner?”
Buttercup: “Carrots… like a bunny, I want carrots.” (hop, hop, hopping around)
GD: “Bunny Carrots? and how about Bunny Corn?”
B: “No, Daddy, it’s not Bunny Corn.”
GD: “It’s not?”
B: “No, Daddy, it’s Piggy Corn.”
GD: “Bunny Carrots and Piggy Corn… and what animal do you suppose likes edamame?”
B: (thinks for a second) “Raccoons.”

Yeah, it’s probably not as funny to you – but it cracked me up so hard I just about spit water on my laptop. Because you know – raccoons… they’re huge edamame fans. Heard they like sushi too.

Seriously, my daughter’s brain is so much more complex than mine.


GeekDaddy says we must have a bunch of heart healthy raccoons around here. I just wonder who their soy supplier is.


~ by Lucretia on May 30, 2008.

4 Responses to “Old MacDonald Had a Farm… Or Was It a Zoo?”

  1. Aaaaah. The gems that come out of our kids’ mouths sometimes. Hope camp starts soon! Hang in there! :)

  2. E.B.B.O.B.PMS ??? Yup. I just laughed so hard I almost barfed! (…until I realized I’m going through that too right now…*bummer*…but SHHH! Don’t tell MissS. I saifd that! *EEP!*)

    And I’m lovin’ the fact that B. knows “edamame”. *Aaaw, cute!*…I guess you are her mum, so I’m not surprised! ;)

    MuchMarvlove to you and the fam!

  3. That is too cute! The things kids think of… I love it!

  4. haha! Too cute!

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