Why we won’t be “voting” tomorrow on Super Tuesday

This is a moderate household – both GeekDaddy and I are fiscally conservative and socially liberal – we agree on most issues. But in the end, he leans just a tad more to the left and I to the right. So I’m the registered Republican while he’s the registered Democrat of the household.
It works for us.

That said, tomorrow is Super Tuesday and it’s the first time that Colorado has been in on the process this early. Along with 24 other states, we are trying to decide which candidate will represent our party – or at least get our delegates votes when the official party Convention happens.

Here’s the thing – rather than “voting” – both Colorado’s Republicans and Democrats have opted to go the precinct caucus route. That means, in briefest of terms, that neighbors get together and cast their votes. For the Republicans, it’s a one-person, one ‘preference’ vote thing. Show up, sign in, wait for a bunch of hoop jumping, cast your vote, and leave. For the Democrats, it’s unfortunately a bit more involved and multiple votes can be taken as well as delegates being named.

This, of course, takes place a 7 p.m. in two very separate locations.

So – our options become to try and get a last minute babysitter (ain’t gonna happen) – who of course isn’t someone of voting age themselves – so that we can each participate, or to decide which one is “more important” so that one of us can go and the other can stay home with our child. Honestly? We don’t believe that either one of us has “more important” beliefs than the other.

This is ridiculous. But more than that, it’s probably not all that uncommon. Even in cases where the parents are both in the same party – limiting this decision-making process to a specific time & place causes people to have to face the decision of who gets to go participate in the decision and who gets left out of the process.

There’s a reason that polls are left open all day long on the day of normal voting – it’s so that we can find a way to get there and be heard. This archaic form of precinct caucuses is a relic from a time when men voted and women didn’t. And it’s high time that our politics started reflecting the modern world.

Instead – we’ll just have to hope that our “neighbors” find a way to resolve this issue in their own households… or that those without children do a good job of deciding for us.
Still, I’m generally disgusted with the stupidity of the party representatives on both sides who saw fit to make the participation of their “neighbors” so complicated as to make it unlikely for most.

Makes you wonder if they can’t get it right for the average citizen at this level, how are they expected to get it right at higher levels…


~ by Lucretia on February 4, 2008.

6 Responses to “Why we won’t be “voting” tomorrow on Super Tuesday”

  1. I guess I don’t see why child can’t go with one of you? People bring their kids to the polls all the time where I live.

  2. Because her bedtime is 7:30-8:00… that’s the simple explanation.
    The more complex explanation is also, again, which one of us has to deal with a 5 year old rather than focusing on what’s going on around us because the archaic system that favors male-only voters is still in place?

  3. makes sense. My boy doesn’t go down til 9ish, and the polling is all in one place, so we can take turns watching him.

  4. That is SOOOOOOOOOOO wierd!!!!!! What a crappy and somewhat insane system of voting!

  5. Okay, on second thought, i’m not done ranting.

    WHY THE HECK is the voting not open until 7PM? Why can’t they have it open all day like for a normal vote? And why do they have the voting in two different locations????

    That’s just crappy.

  6. I know… it’s kind of like a “hey – how can we make this so difficult that no one really wants to participate?” thing.

    I’m actually surprised more of the Talking Heads didn’t pick up on it and report it…

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