Swimming in Social Media – Comment as Blog Post

Ike Pigott’s post “One Size Fits None” with regard to Social Media, Companies, and Twitter Packs got me thinking even more about this whole concept. I wrote a comment over there that I would really rather post as an entry over here – so with a few tweaks…

The more I think about Chris Brogan’s analogy of the “starter pack” of Magic gaming cards, the more I understand what he was trying to do with Twitter Packs… and also how it’s really only something that would help someone getting into Twitter for the social aspect, rather than as a business strategy.

I’m going to push the Magic ‘starter pack’ analogy a bit if you don’t mind… Because I’m making a certain assumption that anyone reading this either has a passing familiarity with the game (as in ‘knows what it is’) or the ability to look it up and grasp the concept fairly quickly.

In games of strategy, like Magic, you can sit down with a ‘ready made’ deck and play the game reasonably well enough for enjoyment. But if you’re really deciding to get into it, you aren’t going to go that route. You’re going to learn how to build your own deck – learn what cards have what strengths and weaknesses, and what your opposition plays and how they approach the game. Because when you’re committed to it, you are playing to win, not just for the enjoyment of a few hours of entertainment.

So, too, if you are a business committing to Social Media as a marketing and networking strategy, you need to set out to win, not just to amuse yourself for a time. You need to learn the ins and outs of the game – where your strength lies and where your weaknesses are. You need to know what your competitors are doing and how they’re approaching the Social Media waters – and what cards they already hold in their hands.

Social Media as a tool for someone sitting in his/her office late at night seeking interaction from like-minded individuals can be jump-started nicely with those ’starter packs’ Mr. Brogan conceived of.
But for a company or business that is about to jump into the Social Media waters, that’s not a good long-term strategy. You have to start at the shallow end and wade in to get a feel for the sands underneath and to see where the sharks go.


~ by Lucretia on January 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “Swimming in Social Media – Comment as Blog Post”

  1. But a business could use a similar tack to get themselves situated in a space. For example, if a business wanted to understand the importance of Twitter as a potential marketing tool, they could follow the marketing/pr people in the packs. Right? So that’s a business example.

    Nothing in Twitter is forever. You can add/remove people at will, as these are “starter packs,” that infers that over a short amount of time, you’d know who was of value and who you saw no conversational bonds with. To that end, people could remove and add as they developed their own taste.

    Fascinating to me, above the content of these posts, is how they are sliding right across the Internet, from Now is Gone to your site to my site back again, etc, etc, and that’s the way the Web was built. Very fun!

  2. At some point, we’ll have to reconstruct this whole dialog chronologically, because I can’t remember who is now responding to whom.

    Thanks for the kind words…

  3. i am gonna show this to my friend, guy

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