Tempest, I am Your Teapot

Call me the mouse that roared.

Or Cassandra.

Or just someone who was standing in the middle of the theater shouting “Wait! This could result in a fire!” and causing a small amount of pandemonium in the seats around me.

I still don’t like the concept of TwitterPacks being in wiki form.  I still don’t like the term pack.  But I will state as clearly and for the record as I can right now:

The intent behind Twitter Packs was a benevolent one and a good one and I don’t think it was some nefarious plot.  I just don’t believe that the implementation was/will be ultimately as beneficial or successful as it could’ve been had it been done otherwise.

But you know what?  Chris Brogan is a generally good guy.  He was trying to help people to hear that conversation I’ve been raving on and on about in Twitter.   So can we get away from my (and anyone else’s) misconstrual of the word “pack” and move on to other important things?

Honestly, it’s not like my refusing to participate matters a whit to anyone in the bigger scope of things.  I’m an intermittent blogger with a really cool Twitter circle – but you can have that too, and if you don’t know where to start, well, maybe TwitterPacks is for you… it’s not my cup of tea, but not everyone drinks tea.

It’s not the way I’d recommend going about it, but maybe if I have a way, it would be best if I blog about that, rather than about perceived issues with someone else’s way, eh?


~ by Lucretia on January 28, 2008.

3 Responses to “Tempest, I am Your Teapot”

  1. Yeah, you are so much cooler than me. This is the first I even knew about this. And I’ll tell you what–I went ahead and added myself in the “location” section, just because there wasn’t anyone from my entire state represented. A “location search” is something I have long wished for in both Twitter AND etsy.com. (Really, I can’t believe that etsy doesn’t give you the option of searching for local artisans by any way other than that stupid map thing!)

  2. I am so *not* cooler than you… I just squeaked when the rest of the room was quiet… and it echoed, apparently! :P

    Seriously, apparently, no one even told Chris Brogan there was any dissension about it until way late in the day. Too weird.

    Somehow, I ended up saying the right thing and the wrong thing and some other things and there ya go.

    It will be interested to see what happens in the long run with that whole wiki. I would love it if it turned out that I’m just an alarmist pessimist who doesn’t get the intrinsic goodness of people! Seriously!

    Besides, I spent half the night playing Webkinz with the girlchild and missed the second Act entirely! :)

  3. Personally, I’m hoping Ev and Biz (or more likely some clever 3rd party) will see this all, think, “hmm, these mortals need something” and will create it.

    That’s the point of wikis, blogs, twitter, etc. EVERYTHING we have in 2002-forward is stuff we can impact. Your blog has impact. Your twitter has impact. Your videoblogs, etc, can be seen.

    We have voices, mouse. : )

    Bad idea? Great! But it was an idea that can happen. I see lots of bad ideas in my world, and I applaud each one for getting air it never got before.

    Your opinion is very valid. Glad you raised it. Thanks for sharing it, and for the post.

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