It’s True – It is Another Planet

Buttercup is going through a “What if?” stage. Granted, she’s also going through a “repeat everything Mommy says to see if you can annoy her” phase, but I’ve already figured out how to defeat that strategy, and it’s not relevant to this post.

So, anyhoo… What if…

“Mommy. What if you had 20 hands and I had 100 hands and you had 20 feet and I had 100 feet?”
“Mommy. What if tomorrow the school opens but they don’t tell us and everyone goes but me?”
“Mommy. What if when I go to sleep I forget how to dream and then can’t see fairies in my dreams?”
“Mommy. What if on my birthday I don’t get older but I turn into a baby instead?”

Apparently this happens to GeekDaddy as well. Last night he was telling me about his reply to this – something to do with “Buttercup. What if white fuzzy bunnies came and took over the Earth?”  Evidently her answer was that we’d have to move.

This afternoon, after a dozen or so “Mommy. What if…” statements I looked at her and said “Buttercup. What if white fuzzy bunnies came and took over the Earth?”
On cue she said “We’d have to move to another planet.”
“Another planet?” I said, “What other planet?”
Without missing a beat she replied “Mommy… California.”

Well yep, that made sense to me.


~ by Lucretia on January 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “It’s True – It is Another Planet”

  1. heh. luckily we don’t allow white fuzzy bunnies here in cali. she is wise beyond her years.

    i am curious about the irrelevant part – how you’ve learned to thrwart her drive to repeat everything you say. just stop talking?

  2. Actually, at first I tried the “be intimidating route” and that got me nowhere… So then I tried logic, and with her, it worked.

    I told her “Mommy doesn’t like the echo game” – and when she asked why I explained “because when you repeat everything I say, it’s just like you’re not even there. I’m just talking to myself… and I like you, so I like talking with you. If you’re just going to repeat everything I say, then why should I talk to you? If you want to have a real conversation with Mommy I’d love that, but whenever you start just repeating what I say, we’re done.”

    Surprisingly, she understood not wanting to just talk to myself.

    Every once in awhile tho, she tries again, and if I’m in the mood, I get her by saying “Tickle me, Mommy! Tickle me!” and she always ends up falling for it. :)

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