Down and Dirty

A fast mommy-oriented post.

This conversation occurred between Buttercup and me today. I had to share.

Buttercup: Dogs get to poop outside.
GeekMommy: Yes, they do.
B: And dogs get to pee outside.
GM: Yep – outside in the cold and the snow
B: I want to be a dog. I want to poop outside.
GM: *laughing* You so don’t want to be a dog.
B: I do! I do want to be a dog!
GM: If you were a dog, you’d have to eat dog food, and sleep in a kennel like our dog – no nice princess bed for you! And you’d get shooed off the bed all the time. And yeah, you could poop outside, but trust me, it’s cold out there (notes the foot+ of snow in the back yard and the single digit temperature.)
B: Okay, then I want to be a cat.
GM: Being a cat would be so much worse than being a dog.
B: How? I want to be a kitty! How is being a kitty worse than a dog??
GM: How many times have you seen the cat drink out of the toilet around here?
B: Ew. Eww. I want to be a little girl Mommy. I’ll just be me, okay?


~ by Lucretia on December 28, 2007.

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