Screaming Into the Void

Okay, yeah.  I’ve procrastinated about this blog like a teenager putting off a 10 page paper on The Old Man & The Sea.

I can’t believe it’s been several weeks since I posted – more like a month since there was anything of substance.  At least once a day something happens that I think “okay, I could write about that.”  Buttercup is a virtual font of inspiration.  But when it comes down to sitting down at night with the opportunity to post, I seldom remember what it was.

So then I tell myself – oh well… no one is reading anyways, so it’s not like anyone will notice if you put it off for another day… and move on to other corners of the internet.

I’m pretty good at procrastinating.  Something my daughter is likely to inherit from me.  Not that it’s genetic or anything – but I’m not the best example for her with that regard.  I think she’s already convinced that the time to do anything is 5 minutes before you absolutely have to.  This morning, 30 minutes before we had to leave for preschool she looked at me and said “are we running late yet Mommy?”


The thing is – I’m supposed to be the ‘responsible adult’ in this equation.  Which means I better figure it out quickly.  I need to start panicking a little earlier… and I need to start posting here more frequently… and I need to finish getting the ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Right.  Who needs New Years resolutions when I can do Wednesday the 12th of December resolutions?

See you on the flipside, I’ll work on remembering the good stuff.


~ by Lucretia on December 11, 2007.

One Response to “Screaming Into the Void”

  1. 1st, I read here damn it!
    2cnd, you have always been an 11th hour girl, but you do it so well!
    3rd thanks for posting, been missing you!

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