I walked into Buttercup’s bathroom tonight, post-bath, to see that there was some leftover ‘graffiti’ from her playtime with GeekDaddy.

She has bathtub crayons that get a solid workout now that she’s working on learning her letters.

Tonight’s artistic endeavor is worth mentioning only due to a genetic quirk. She had written her name (substituting the word “GIRL” for it in the illustration below only for length) and “DADDY” in big bold orange crayon.

It just took my brain a second to realize that it looked like this:

Bathtub Graffiti

Yep, my brain had automatically turned it around and read it. It’s inherited, I would guess. My mother used to complain that as a child I wrote her many a note in ‘mirror-backward’ writing that she had to go hold up to the mirror to read. Something I never understood, because I can mentally flip it without effort.  I still have a few samples she gave me when she moved about a decade ago.  They look about the same as above, only with neater penmanship.

Apparently, this is something Buttercup does as well.

It’s going to be fun trying to get her to understand that English is written from Left to Right, while mathematics is the opposite… something that only really clicks when you realize that the left-to-right writing is to keep right-handed people from smearing the ink of the letters they’ve just written. Ask any lefty (I’m ambi) and they’ll tell you how tricky it is to learn how not to do that when writing.

Ah well. At least GeekDaddy can read that way too.

Let’s just hope her Preschool & Kindergarten teachers can.


~ by Lucretia on November 7, 2007.

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