Annoying Non-post

You know those annoying little pop-up ads that now take up 1/3 of the television screen while you’re trying to watch something that are solely there to let you know that something else of interest is coming up later?


This is the blog equivalent of one of those stupid ads.  Only without the animation or the smiling actor.

I have two posts to get to – one on Hallowe’en and a heavier hitter on Violence in Media (or lack thereof) and how things have changed in the past 30 years and what it means to kids today… but that one requires actual thought and wordcraft – so it’s going to have to wait until after tomorrow’s fun-filled costume-fest candy-orgy day.

I’ve got to get up early tomorrow to take up the hem of Buttercup’s costume.  Yep… I may be more at home in front of a computer, but I can still baste a hem when necessary.  Watch out Martha Stewart!!

G’night.  More later.


~ by Lucretia on October 30, 2007.

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